Bayards Hill is now a Ruth Miskin Trained School

You can learn about what that means here. Schools are nominated by trainers at the end of the summer term based on strict criteria. It’s possible for any school to purchase Read Write Inc. resources and then claim to be a ‘Read Write Inc. school’ - our accreditation badge goes only to schools that teach the programme ‘properly’ and achieve high standards as a result.

Ruth Miskin Badge

Some thoughts from Jennifer Fiddaman, who has worked at Bayards Hill and Cheney thanks to being part of the Trust

We asked Jennifer 3 questions, and here's what she said

1) What advantages have you seen from working in both schools?

I have found that having experience working in some capacity with staff and pupils across the age range, from EYFS right up to sixth form, has been really helpful in developing my own practice in terms of 'what comes before' and 'what comes next' for the pupils.

2) What is your favourite thing about Cheney and Bayards Hill?

The children are the best part - there's never a dull moment and every day is different because of the diverse range of pupils that we have in both schools.

3) What practices have you been able to share between the two schools?

This year we have introduced an NQT Project which brings together NQTs from both schools on a regular basis. The teachers are working together in groups to research an area they would like to develop, trialling different strategies and monitoring progress in their own classrooms before feeding back to each other about what has been successful. This will then be shared with the wider staff, spreading good practice. 

In their recent Ofsted Inspection, Bayards hill made massive improvements in all areas.

Year 8 Football Coaching at Bayards Hill

Last year 14 year 8 boys took part in a programme to improve 3 areas:



leadership skills.

The course ran in conjunction with Sky Sports and allowed us to obtain the guidance of an ex professional athlete in Thinus Delport (South African International Rugby). The programme ran over a 12 week period, during which the boys spent every Friday after school with me, working on their practical football coaching skills. They also took part in classroom based sessions, that focused on the 3 areas and prepared them to deliver their own coaching sessions at a later date.

During the 12 weeks the boys began to develop 3 lessons plans, which they would later deliver to pupils in years 3 and 4 at Bayards Primary School. The first was a classroom based lesson that involved the Cheney pupils delivering a PowerPoint and then a group activity. The second and third sessions were practical football coaching session that took place on the Bayards School field. At the end of the sessions the Cheney pupils selected individuals for displaying excellence in the 3 areas of focus.

The students showed their ability to lead, communicate effectively and show respect for themselves and others. They were a real credit to the school and worked incredibly hard.