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Best Practice Visits from Mr Charley Eaglestone - Deputy Headteacher - Bayards Hill School

On the 29th November I visited Edward Pauling School in London with Jess Armstrong (English lead). This school is currently graded outstanding but also won the Pupil Premium award in 2016. We picked up a number of great ideas which we hope to implement at Bayards. One thing they do to increase attendance is display three brand new bicycles in the corridor. At the end of the year, all children with 100% attendance get entered into a raffle to win a brand new bike! The displays in the school followed a strict policy and the consistency was very evident. This had a very positive impact on the school environment and high expectations were clear.

At Bayards, the middle leaders are currently working on a project around 'the best practice classroom'. This will identify the non-negotiables for all teachers in the school and set out what displays will look like at Bayards Hill. This will be presented on the first day back after Christmas.

The most interesting thing we saw at Edward Pauling was the focus on the Solo Taxonomy when designing lessons. I am going to be reading more about this over Christmas and begin to use some of the ideas in Maths at Bayards. There was no pupil premium gap and during lesson observations, it was very difficult to differentiate which pupils were pupil premium.

 On the 21st November I attended a 'Tackling education disadvantage' course ,again with Jess Armstrong (English lead). This was a fantastic training event where headteachers shared their success stories with regards to pupil premium attainment. We picked up some great ideas to share with staff about the teaching of writing and have a clearer idea of how to change our curriculum at Bayards Hill. I have put together a list of  some recommended reading and strongly recommend 'Closing the Vocabulary Gap' by Alex Quigley: 

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Metacognition and self-regulated learning report from the Education Endowment Foundation April 2018 

Finally, The Education Endowment Foundation have a great resource and toolkit which can be found here.