CSAT Community Iftaar

We welcomed approximately 100 people to attend our Community Iftaar from the 2 schools in the Community Schools Alliance Trust – Cheney and Bayards Hill. We gave attendees the opportunity to bring food from their culture ensuring it was halal and nut free and had a huge variety on offer.

Many Muslims across the world are observing the Islamic month of Ramadan at the moment where Muslims do not eat during daylight hours. Cheney School hosted a beautiful iftaar meal on Tuesday 5th June where staff, students and their families were invited to break fast. Iftaar is the meal that Muslims eat daily during the month of Ramadan at sunset to mark the end of the fasting day.

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from a local Imam from Abingdon, Abrar Mehmood who gave a talk about the essence of Ramadan. He highlighted that Ramadan was not just about refraining from eating and drinking but rather it is a month to focus on our character, give charity and try to better ourselves in worship.

Once the fast was broken the Imam lead the prayer in congregation and families were invited to observe. The evening was a success and we hope to have another iftaar for next year.

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