A Trust full of Talent!!

The end of term always makes way for a showcase of talent from our young people. And the end of this year is no exception!

Cheney School has seen over 173 students take part in 'A Night at the Theatre' and 'As Good As Twelfth Night' (written by our super talented Head of Drama) - see some snaps of their events below. The artists at Cheney also showcased their work in a week long Art Exhibition last week. Other students, parents and members of the local community came and admired their work.

50 Students from Bayards Hill performed a very wide range of acts from solo performances of songs to dance to piano pieces and many comedy acts. The event really showcased the hard work of the students, and we had the Head of the Oxfordshire Music service presenting prizes. The children have been practising for months and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and perform infront of an audience - a great show!

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